Podcast: E3 Day Zero

The theaters are empty; the subwoofers have all gone still. How did EA and Bethesda do? Time to discuss, on a special E3 bonus episode of Kotaku Splitscreen.


You can listen to the podcast on iTunes here, and we’re also on Google Play. Or, just find the new episode on Simplecast right here. (Download the MP3 directly here.) You can check out a full version of our theme song over at my Soundcloud page.

Jason and I are planning to do one of these short episodes at the end of each day of E3, provided our internet connections and vocal stamina are up to the task. As always, thanks for listening.

Kotaku Editor-at-Large

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I said this before on another post but I’m giving EA a 5/10 for a severe lack of anything truly new save for some bit of hype for BF1, MS:a, and TF2. Bethesda on the other hand fared much better to which I will give them a 7/10 for showing us some new games as well as building upon the games that they have already released. Say what you want about Prey and Quake but they really kept the energy up.