Oh god. Surely, the people who made this inflatable Pikachu know? They have to.

Warning: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

A few years ago, images surfaced of a Pikachu bouncy house in Japan with the entrance in a rather interesting place. To refresh your memory:

Yep. But if you thought that was something, you must see the latest version. A new Pikachu bouncy house recently went up in Seoul, South Korea. It’s in front of the Lotte Department near Jamsil Station, and it tops Japan in the inflatable vagina department.

[Photo: hong_ki_py]



[Photo: sienauni]

A side view.


[Photo: aka_chacha]

You thought I was kidding, right? I was not!


[Photo: 14.may]

Who wants their picture in front of Pikachu’s vagina? You?


[Photo: junghyehwan]

Be sure to get a good look. And yes, this opening is to see when small children are inside, which kind of makes the whole thing more yeah.


[Photo: nara_sinn]

Perfect weather for a Pikachu vagina!


Gotta wonder what Giratina is thinking.

[Photo: Kawells00]


[Photo: tack_92]

That’s the entrance. At least it’s not going into Pikachu’s butt, am I right? I am so right.


[Photo: chunghokim]

And this has been a look at Pikachu’s vagina. Your move, Japan!

Top photo: tmt1002/Pixels by Kotaku

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