TOYS | Darius Mason protects my den table from a Red Faction Armageddon invasion. (Photo by Crecente)

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: The Kotaku Review

The stench hits me first. Before the gurgle and hiss, the skittering of twisted claws against bare stone, the stale air of the abandoned mine delivers a stomach-churning whiff of the creatures' breath, the miasmal scent of spoiled flesh between rotting teeth. More »


Hydro Thunder Go is Definitely a Must-Have Windows Phone 7 Game

After launching out of the starting gate with an impressive collection of titles the release of quality Xbox Live-enabled games for the Windows Phone 7 slowed to a trickle. More »


In The Virtual World, His Fiancée Never Died

"Obviously, I can't bring people back to life," Jon Jacobs recently told me. Obviously.
It was morning when he told me that. He was on his way to work in Los Angeles, chatting with me on his cell phone. More »

It's Nice to See Mortal Kombat Putting Skin On for Once

As reported yesterday, the new Mortal Kombat's first dose of downloadable content delivers new skins for the game's wacky human ninja crew, in honor of the early 90's law of ninja costume conservation. More »



Controlling the Breath of a God with From Dust

Being a god in Ubisoft's From Dust ain't easy. Though you can manipulate the elements of this world, you'll sometimes feel less like an all-powerful deity than you might a hopeful local politician, a cog in a powerful, sluggish, bureaucratic machine.
You may feel as powerful as a child on a beach,... More »


The Miami Heat Appear To Have Messed Up the Gears of War 3 Hype Train

LeBron James, first you upset the people of Cleveland by abandoning their basketball team. Now you've helped the Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls in five games, closing the series out last night with an 83-80 victory. More »

This long weekend (it's Memorial Day on Monday in the States) I plan to prefect making a Horse Neck and do a TON of gardening. I may also go check out the community pool. What are your plans? –Brian Crecente


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