Teddy: "Persona Q spoilers, no, never. Teddy and the lady in blue implore you so that everyone can enjoy the game!"

Elizabeth: "In regards to Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, please refrain from spoilers on video hosting sites and other outlets. There are rumors that terrible calamity will befall anyone who spoils after 'the 4th labyrinth.' I, too, am capable of extreme measures. If you do not heed my warning, I may be forced to afflict you with weakness, silence, and exhaustion before throwing you to a pack of F.O.E. Once again, please do not spoil so that you won't be forced to wander for eternity."

Message from Atlus: "We ask that players refrain from posting story spoiling videos on video hosting sites, video streaming sites, or social networking sites like Twitter. We also strictly forbid the revealing of any videos before the game's release. We ask that you comply so that players can enjoy our game."


The Persona series has always been about complex and intriguing stories, and from the looks of their tone, Persona Q has its share of captivating twists and turns in its plot. As previously mentioned, the game is out for the 3DS in Japan right now. It's currently set to come out in the West later this year, but no doubt some of the more linguistically inclined will have already imported Japanese copies of their own. If you are someone fortunate enough to get your hands on the game before others, please be kind.

Spoilers: Serious business.

Note: The following video is the opening video for the game posted on Atlus' own YouTube account. While there is little in terms of plot spoilers, if you are sensitive and want no info going into the game, feel free to not press play.

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