Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality device will be $400 and out this October, the publisher announced today.

That’s $200 less than the competing Oculus Rift, which launches later this month. Sony’s device will work directly with the PS4, which also lowers the price point; no need for an expensive PC to get this one running.

UPDATE - 5:41pm: Shortly after their presentation, Sony dropped the other foot, revealing that the PlayStation Camera—which they say is required for PSVR—won’t be included.

PlayStation Camera retails for $60, but it’s usually on sale.

Original post follows:

The specs:


Sony didn’t offer a ton of specifics on the games that will be offered when PSVR hits in October, but they did announce that they’re partnering with EA and Lucasfilm to make some sort of Battlefront game for the service:

Also, it still looks goofy!


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