PlayStation Studios' First Xbox Game Comes Out In April

You love to see it.
You love to see it.
Image: PlayStation Studios

As part of the new multi-year deal made between Major League Baseball and Sony back in late 2019, long running PlayStation-exclusive baseball game MLB The Show is no longer PlayStation-exclusive as of April 20. That’s when Sony releases an Xbox game with a PlayStation logo on the cover. Weird.


For years now Xbox owners have been benched while PlayStation players got the best Major League Baseball game. Well now that long national pastime nightmare is over, and the healing can begin. Not only is MLB The Show 21 coming out for Xboxes One and Series X/S, the PlayStation Blog says the game features cross-platform play so we can all play together, no matter which button we use to pitch. Everybody wins, except the folks who make R.B.I Baseball.

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It does feel a little odd when currently booting up Minecraft on the PS4 that it says Xbox Studios in the starting credits. But, as the companies buy more and more studios, we may see more of this. After all, software sales are software sales.

Does this mean an end to exclusives? I seriously doubt it, but it could mean more “timed exclusives” and perhaps more games with deals like this that warrant the release on other systems. Will the version on the opposing system be poorly supported? Now that’s a question for the magic 8-ball...and it says to ask again later!