PlayStation Store Update: Vanquish vs. Castle Crashers

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Which game will win the download challenge for PlayStation 3 owners today? Will it be the recently added PlayStation Network version of Castle Crashers or the "Velocity Attack" demo of intense action shooter Vanquish?


Or will it be something else entirely? There's a new BioShock 2 add-on, Minerva's Den, on offer. For the PSP owner, Sega's new PSP tactical role-playing game Valkyria Chronicles 2 is now available. There's a whole lot more in the full list of new additions to the North American version of the PlayStation Store. See below.

Games & Demos for PlayStation 3

Castle Crashers ($14.99)
Sam And Max Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep (free with purchase of full season)
PSone Classics: Theme Hospital ($5.99)
Castle Crashers demo
Vanquish demo
R.U.S.E. demo

Games & Demos for PSP

Valkyria Chronicles 2 ($39.99)
PSP minis: Coconut Dodge ($3.99)

Add-ons & Expansions

Bioshock 2 – Minerva's Den ($9.99)
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Alliance Weapon Pack ($2.99)
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Multiplayer Mask Pack ($1.99)
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – The Doggie Bag ($5.99)
ModNation Racers: Lil' Tinker Mod ($0.99)
ModNation Racers: Lil' Tinker Kart ($0.99)
ModNation Racers: Lil' Tinker Mod and Kart ($1.75)
MAG – Characters Slot B ($0.99/month)
MAG – Characters Slot C ($0.99/month)
Split/Second Elite Vehicle Livery Pack (free)
Split/Second Elite High Octane Supercar Vehicle Pack ($1.99)
Split/Second Elite Ryback Cyclone Special (free)
Yakuza 3: Challenge Pack ($3.99)

Guitar Hero tracks

  • "Boom" by P.O.D. ($1.99)
  • "Southtown" by P.O.D. ($1.99)
  • "Youth of the Nation" by P.O.D. ($1.99)
  • P.O.D. Track Pack ($5.49) – "Boom", "Southtown", and "Youth of the Nation" by P.O.D

Rock Band tracks

  • "Days Go By" by Keith Urban ($1.99)
  • "Fancy" by Reba McEntire ($1.99)
  • "Hell On The Heart" by Eric Church ($1.99)
  • "It Happens" by Sugarland ($1.99)
  • "Lookin' For A Good Time" by Lady Antebellum ($1.99)
  • "Rebound" by Laura Bell Bundy ($1.99)
  • "What Was I Thinkin'" by Dierks Bentley ($1.99)
  • "Women" by Jamey Johnson ($1.99)
  • "Would You Go With Me" by Josh Turner ($1.99)
  • Country Pack 04 ($14.99) – "Days Go By" by Keith Urban, "Fancy" by Reba McEntire, "Hell On The Heart" by Eric Church, "It Happens" by Sugarland, "Lookin' For A Good Time" by Lady Antebellum, "Rebound" by Laura Bell Bundy, "What Was I Thinkin'" by Dierks Bentley, "Women" by Jamey Johnson, and "Would You Go With Me" by Josh Turner.
  • "Bang Camaro" – Bang Camaro ($1.99)
  • "Do Not Disturb (Tell Me How Bad)" – Let's Get It ($0.99)
  • "Hard To See" – Five Finger Death Punch ($1.99)
  • "Seven" – Sunny Day Real Estate ($1.99)
  • "Where Were You" – Every Avenue ($1.99)

Game Videos

Bioshock 2 – Protector Trials Trailer
Mafia II – Developer Diary #3
Mafia II – Launch Trailer
Brink Developer Diary #4
Neverdead E3 2010 Trailer
Neverdead Gamescom 2010 Trailer
Thor: The Video Game Announcement Trailer
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Gaming's Most Notorious Criminals Trailer
Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light – Weapons, Artifacts, and Relics Trailer
Sam And Max – The Devil's Playhouse – Full Series Trailer
LORD Of ARCANA – Gamescom Trailer


Themes, Wallpapers & Avatars

PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap Theme (free)
Young Thor Theme (free)
NCAA Dynamic Theme – Texas ($2.99)
NCAA Dynamic Theme – Alabama ($2.99)
NCAA Dynamic Theme – Miami ($2.99)
NCAA Dynamic Theme – North Carolina ($2.99)
NCAA Dynamic Theme – Georgia ($2.99)
NCAA Dynamic Theme – Kentucky ($2.99)
NCAA Dynamic Theme – Florida ($2.99)
NCAA Dynamic Theme – Oregon ($2.99)
Romantic Petals theme ($0.99)
Dr. Butcher theme ($1.99)
PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap Wallpaper #1
Shank Wallpaper 1
Shank Wallpaper 2
Shank Wallpaper 3
Mega Man 10 Avatars ($0.49) (x3)
Super Street Fighter IV Avatars ($0.49) (x3)
Top Gun Avatar ($0.49)
Savage Moon Avatars ($0.49) (x4)
Savage Moon Avatar Bundle ($1.25)


Sales, Price Drops & Bundles

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix – Sale (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Digger HD – Sale (now $5.99, original price $9.99)
Mushroom Wars – Sale (now $5.99, original price $9.99)
Worms – Sale (now $6.49, original price $12.99)
Sam And Max – The Devil's Playhouse – Full Season – Sale (now $19.99, original price $29.99)
Cuboid – Sale (now $5.99, original price $9.99)
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos – Sale (now $5.99, original price $9.99)
Magic Orbz – Sale (now $5.99, original price $9.99)
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – Sale (now $5.99, original price $9.99)
Smash Cars – Sale (now $8.99, original price $14.99)
Wakeboarding HD – Sale (now $8.99, original price $14.99)
Hamsterball – Sale (now $5.99, original price $9.99)
DYNOGEMS – minis – Sale (now $1.99, original price $2.99)
Tehra: Dark Warrior – minis – Sale (now $2.99, original price $4.99)



Vanquish is awesome. I played it about 15x now. If you find the controls a bit strange at first, just keep playing it. Eventually you'll get comfortable enough to use all your abilities with ease. Very, very fun.

I can't wait for October.