The PlayStation store has updated today, bringing with it the survival horror creepiness of Siren: Blood Curse, as well as bargains as far as the eye can see! The big news is of course Siren, a Blu-ray-sized game cut up into bite-sized chunks for easy consumption. There are twelve chapters of the game in all, sold in sets of four for $14.99, or in one big, money-saving $39.00 package. Siren is joined by Capcom's 1942: Joint Strike, priced at a more modest $9.99. In addition to the new games, some older titles are going on sale. For one week only, purchase PAIN, PixelJunk Monsters, High Velocity Bowling, High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition, or Rocketmen: Axis of Evil for only $4.99. Topping it all off is a PixelJunk Eden demo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band DLC, and a fine assortment of themes, videos, and wallpapers, including entries in each category for Capcom's Street Fighter IV. Definitely a good week to own a PS3! PlayStation Store Update [Official PlayStation Blog]