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There's plenty to download for your PSP in this week's PlayStation Store update. The real draw, of course, should be the two Soulcalibur IV wallpapers featuring Ivy and Hilde in sexy Santa gear.


Unfortunately, they're both a tad of a letdown, something that won't stop us from downloading the new Soulcalibur IV holiday themed gear. There's also plenty of free stuff this week, from Qore to Sackboy costumes to Age of Booty maps to Naruto packs. For the extensive list, read on.

Qore Episode 07: December, 2008 (free)

Games and Demos
Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer ($9.99)
Everyday Shooter for PSP ($9.99)
Super Stardust Portable for PSP ($9.99)
Archer Maclean's Mercury for PSP ($9.99)
Brain Challenge for PSP ($9.99)


Expansions and Add-ons
LittleBigPlanet Kabuki Actor Costume (free)
Age of Booty Map Pack 1 (free)
Age of Booty Map Pack 2 (free)
Age of Booty Map Pack 3 (free)
GRID 8-Ball Pack ($9.99)
Soulcalibur IV Customization Equipment 3 ($1.99)
Far Cry 2 Fortunes Pack ($9.99)
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Storm Pack 4 (free)

Guitar Hero World Tour tracks
• The Smashing Pumpkins Track Pack ($5.49)
• “1979″ by The Smashing Pumpkins ($1.99)
• “G.L.O.W.” by The Smashing Pumpkins ($1.99)
• “The Everlasting Gaze” by The Smashing Pumpkins ($1.99)

Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2 tracks
• Don’t You (Forget About Me) ($1.49)
• For You I Will ($1.49)
• Friends in Low Places ($1.49)
• Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door ($1.49)
• Midnight Train To Georgia ($1.49)
• Unwritten ($1.49)

Rock Band tracks
• “Headphones On” by Miranda Cosgrove (free)
• “Real World” by All-American Rejects ($0.99)
• “Ready, Set, Go!” by Tokio Hotel ($0.99)
• “I Don’t Want to Go to School” by Naked Brothers Band ($0.99)
• “Hay Poco Rock N Roll” by Platero y Tu ($0.99)
• “Body I Occupy” by Naked Brothers Band ($0.99)
• “Are You Dead Yet?” by Children of Bodom ($0.99)
• “Tutto E Possibile” by Finley ($0.99)
• “Tempted” by Squeeze ($0.99)


Game Videos
Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer trailer
Prince of Persia Dev Diary 2
Prince of Persia Dev Diary 3
Mercenaries 2 Blow It Up Again trailer
Facebreaker Audition Video #4
Facebreaker Audition Video #5
BAJA: Edge of Control - Launch trailer
Savage Moon trailer
Resistance 2 - Last Hours
Life in LittleBigPlanet: Ep 4
LittleBigPlanet WELCOME TO MY WORLD Video

Wallpapers and Themes
Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer Wallpaper 1
Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer Wallpaper 2
Soulcalibur IV Holiday Hilde Wallpaper
Soulcalibur IV Holiday Ivy Wallpaper
Lingerie Girls Theme ($1.49)
University of Florida Theme ($1.99)
European Highlands Theme ($1.49)
Bloodwork Theme ($1.49)
Atomic Acid Theme ($1.49)
Metal Battalion Maidens Theme ($0.99)

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