PlayStation Plus Subscribers Get Free Games (Including LittleBigPlanet)

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Sony Europe has an effective way to convince people to sign up for its new PlayStation Plus service: give away free copies of one of the PS3's best titles, LittleBigPlanet.


Yes, anyone in PAL regions signing up for the premium 12-month subscription to Sony's PlayStation Network between June 29 and August 3 will get a free downloadable copy of the game, which is the users to keep (as in, it's not linked to your PS+ subscription, so you won't lose it if you don't renew).

As this offer has only appeared on the European PlayStation blog, we're calling it PAL-only for now. If the offer is also good for North American PS3 owners, we'll let you know.


Aside from that special offer, Sony has also disclosed one of the biggest benefits of being a PS+ subscriber, and that's a regular supply of free games. Those paying a monthly fee will be able to download at least four games a month free of charge: one PSN title, two minis and one PS1 Classic.

Discounting the minis, which are usually rubbish, that's still 12 PSN games and 12 PS1 classics a year for your subscription. That's a great deal.


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Going out on a limb here and saying if you don't HAVE LBP by now, you probably don't WANT LBP.

I guess this would work out well for new system buyers tho if they planned to jump into PSN+.