Playstation Plus In January Will Make You Merry And Bright

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Don't Starve for your Playstation 4. DMC, Bioshock: Infinite, and Brothers for your PS3. Smart As... and Worms: Battle Islands for your Vita. Guess Christmas is coming late this year. Sure, Vita is getting the short end of the stick this time around, but I just had a great time playing free Sonic Racing on my flight home.


Here's Playstation Plus for $35, in case you missed Black Friday.


  • Don't Starve


  • Bioshock: Infinite
  • DMC: Devil May Cry
  • Brothers


  • Smart As...
  • Worms: Battle Islands

Credit to this NeoGAF thread for the info. You won't find this list on the Playstation Blog yet, but if you hover over the Instant Game Collection on the Playstation Store, a video with January's lineup will play. I didn't even know those things played videos.


Update: There's now an official post about January's lineup on the Playstation Blog.

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i almost expect bad news from Sony any time now. i know PS+ has been a great service, have plenty of games downloaded simply because they were free (even if i don't really want to play many of them), but this is getting a little crazy. it almost feels like Sony is desperate but i don't see why they would be. either that or they are just softening us up for some devastating news down the line. i may be cynical but you can't tell me others don't have that same feeling.