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PlayStation Plus Cards Hitting Retail

Illustration for article titled PlayStation Plus Cards Hitting Retail

PlayStation 3 owners will soon be able to buy PlayStation Plus membership at retail, with gift cards granting access to Sony's premium PlayStation Network now deploying to stores in North America.


A Kotaku tipster informs us that cards have already arrived at Target stores in the northeast, at least in designations of $17.99 USD for three months worth of PlayStation Plus access. Sony also offers a 12 month long subscription option priced at $49.99 USD. Currently, the subscription based service allows early access to some demos and beta tests, discounts on software and the occasional freebie.

Thanks to maxdivision for the tip!

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Sony needs to start giving Plus members more options. Ok, for example, list 20 PSone classic games for plus members and let us choose the free game we want that week. They can also list 3 PSN games and we can choose which one we want for free.