PlayStation Network, iPhone Getting A Kick-Ass Game

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The movie based on the Mark Millar created comic book series Kick-Ass is getting its own adaptation in the form of a video game for the PlayStation Network and iPhone. It will be simply Kick-Ass.

IGN reports that WHA Entertainment will be handling the downloadable Kick-Ass game, which should follow the same kids-turned-super heroes plot, with plenty of gory beat 'em up fisticuffs and gunplay. If that sounds like something you might interested in, namely anything based on the Kick-Ass property, head over to IGN for first screens of Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and Big Daddy in action.

No idea what we're talking about? Maybe the Kick-Ass official movie site, with informative trailer, will make more sense of this. Finally, if you think that sounds a lot like the Watchmen video game that didn't turn out too well, then move along.


Kick-Ass Coming to PSN, iPhone [IGN]

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Hey, Watchmen: The End is Nigh wasn't that bad...especially when you consider it came for free with the blu ray.

In all honesty, it plays exactly like a 3D Streets Of Rage. For better or for worse.

That's right kids, back in our day THIS type of simplistic gameplay kept us and our friends entertained for hours.... and we loved every minute of it, goddamit!!!!