PlayStation Network, iPhone Getting A Kick-Ass Game

The movie based on the Mark Millar created comic book series Kick-Ass is getting its own adaptation in the form of a video game for the PlayStation Network and iPhone. It will be simply Kick-Ass.

IGN reports that WHA Entertainment will be handling the downloadable Kick-Ass game, which should follow the same kids-turned-super heroes plot, with plenty of gory beat 'em up fisticuffs and gunplay. If that sounds like something you might interested in, namely anything based on the Kick-Ass property, head over to IGN for first screens of Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and Big Daddy in action.


No idea what we're talking about? Maybe the Kick-Ass official movie site, with informative trailer, will make more sense of this. Finally, if you think that sounds a lot like the Watchmen video game that didn't turn out too well, then move along.

Kick-Ass Coming to PSN, iPhone [IGN]

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