Sony is kicking off your weekend with some deep, deep discounts on 30 different PSN titles, some PS3, some Vita, some cross-buy. Highlights includes Braid, Everyday Shooter, echochrome ii, Plants vs. Zombies, Super Stardust HD, and Tokyo Jungle. [Playstation Blog]

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TitleSale PriceOriginal Price
Back to the Future: The Game โ€“ Full Series$0.99$19.99
Blast Factor$0.99$9.99
Crash Bandicoot$0.99$5.99
Crash Bandicoot 2$0.99$5.99
Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED$0.99$5.99
Crash Commando$0.99$9.99
CTR: Crash Team Racing$0.99$5.99
echochrome ii$0.99$9.99
Everyday Shooter (PS3)$0.99$9.99
Everyday Shooter (PSP | PS Vita)$0.99$7.99
Gex: Enter the Gecko$0.99$5.99
Gotham City Impostors$0.99$14.99
Jurassic Park: The Game โ€“ Full Season$0.99$19.99
Plants vs Zombies$0.99$10.49
Red Faction 2 PS2 Classic$0.99$9.99
Red Faction PS2 Classic$0.99$9.99
Red Faction: Battlegrounds$0.99$9.99
Retro City Rampage (PS Vita)$0.99$9.99
Retro City Rampage (PS3)$0.99$9.99
"Sam & Max" The Devil's Playhouse$0.99$19.99
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!$0.99$5.99
Spyro: The Dragon$0.99$5.99
Spyro: Year of the Dragon$0.99$5.99
Stuntman: Ignition PS2 Classic$0.99$9.99
Super Stardust HD$0.99$9.99
Tales of Monkey Island$0.99$19.99
Tokyo Jungle$0.99$14.99
Urban Trial Freestyle (PS Vita)$0.99$9.99
Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3)$0.99$14.99
When Vikings Attack (PS Vita)$0.99$9.99
When Vikings Attack (PS3)$0.99$9.99
World Gone Sour$0.99$4.99

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