What's on tap for the North American PlayStation Store shopper this week? At least three things, including the soundtrack to the award-winning Flower and one very interesting looking game of pool for the PSP.

First up, Flower's soundtrack. Vincent Diamante's hour-long score for the thatgamecompany-developed breeze sim hits Thursday for a mere $2.99 USD. You can read more about that at the official PlayStation.blog.

Also on sale this week for PlayStation Portable owners are Freekscape: Escape From Hell, a side-scrolling platformer released under the PSP minis label—meaning it's also playable on the PS3—and King of Pool, a much-needed pool and snooker title for the PSP. It's noteworthy for its unusual mini-golf-like non-standard tables, which could make it worth the $9.99 USD download.