Playstation Name Checked in Presidential Childhood Obesity Graphic

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The winner of best overall infographic for First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign includes the release and successes of the Playstation in its timeline charting the growth of childhood obesity.


Found among the eleven significant dates are the 1995 release of the Playstation in the U.S. and the 2005 milestone when the console reached 100 million units sold. Other important dates in the graphic include McDonald's introduction of its supersize drinks, the opening of the first shopping mall food court and the introduction of high fructose corn syrup.

Here's the site's take on the graphic (seen above) and why it won first place.

Jenn "Cash's time line showing the rise of childhood obesity compared to the growing amount of food we eat and TV we watch is a sobering reminder of what we need to do to make our children healthier. It's incredibly well-sourced and well-illustrated and takes home our top prize."

And the Winner's Are [Let's Move, via Slashdot]



The biggest driver of obesity in America is US Government subsidies of corn. Because corn is so cheap, farmers and scientists keep designing new chemicals and foods out of it. These foods are cheap, but have very little nutritional value. That's a big reason why families (especially poor ones) buy so much junk food and fast food.

If Mrs. Obama was serious about reducing obesity, she should talk to her husband about addressing this issue.

P.S. Corn subsidies also drive illegal immigration into the US since Mexican farms can't compete with the subsidized farms in the US (but that's another topic).