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PlayStation Move Priced, Dated for September Release

Illustration for article titled PlayStation Move Priced, Dated for September Release

The PlayStation Move controller will release in North America on Sept. 19, in Europe on Sept. 15, and in Japan on Oct. 21. The controller itself will cost $49.99; a bundle with the PlayStation Eye will cost $99.99.


Sony's Peter Dille said the bundle will include the game Sports Champions; that bundle will also be paired with a PS3 at $399.99 The Move's navigation controller is sold separately for $29.99.

Dille said first-party PlayStation Move titles will be priced at $39.99, and there will be between 15-20 Move-enabled titles at its launch, with at least 40 available by the holiday season.


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"Kinect is $150"

"Booooooo! Overpriced!"

"PlayStation Move is $99."

"That's not too bad."

4 Player Kinect = $150

4 Player PlayStation Move = $250.

Wait a minute...

Is it just me, or is -everyone- bad at math when they think Kinect is overpriced?

The only hidden cost there is it's expensive games - and even the Wii launch titles were fully priced for what they were.