PlayStation Move Out In July? Maaaaybe

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So reckons this advert from a South African retailer. And before you go thumbing your nose at the ad's origin and nature, bear this in mind: they've actually got a good track record when it comes to this stuff.

The "COMING THIS JULY" line is part of a catalogue from BT Games, the same outfit that inadvertently told the world of Microsoft's 250GB Xbox 360 weeks before Microsoft's official reveal.


While this doesn't make us believe wholeheartedly in the date - it is a little soon, after all - it does make it worthy of at least a little consideration. Especially since E3 is in June, and a "it's out next month!" conclusion to Sony's press conference would end it on a high.

PlayStation Move Coming in July? [Lazygamer]

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Nope. Don't buy it. Gamestop has it pegged for November and while that's just a placeholder I'd say October's a safe bet.