PlayStation Move Bundled Up, In Pictures

Are you ready to invest in motion control for your PlayStation 3? Sony has laid out your options for hopping onto the PlayStation Move bandwagon, three ways to make your PS3 Move-ready when the control scheme launches in September.

As it already specified at E3 2010, Sony is planning on offering two Move bundles. One that packs in a PlayStation 3, Sports Champions, a PlayStation Eye and a DualShock 3 will set you back a cool $399 USD. If you want to buy one of those fancy Navigation Control wands to go with it, $29.99 will get you one.


If you already have a PS3, this is what you're going to want.

The Move, Eye and hours of motion controlled sports delight will set you back $99.99 USD. Both bundles pack in a Blu-ray demo disc's worth of PS3 games alongside the beach volleyball, ping pong and archery fun.

If you already have one of those PlayStation Eyes, say to play Eye of Judgment on, and you want to play any of these games right here, you can buy the glowing Move controller for fifty bucks American.


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