PlayStation Home Now 12 Million Users Strong

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PlayStation Home director Jack Buser bragged about the social network's latest population accomplishment, saying that Sony now has an impressive 12 million users signed up for the service worldwide. Why was Sony broadcasting that particular figure at GDC?


Buser was courting developers looking for a new platform, part of Sony's attempts to transform its 3D social network into a 3D gaming platform. According to Sony, Home is an "extremely sticky" service, that of those 12 million, the average "dwell" in Home is a good 60 minutes and that 85% of the PlayStation 3 owners who log in to the virtual world will log in again.

Expect PlayStation Home to feature "total game integration" with future PS3 games, both PSN and disc-based, in the coming years. Buser pitched the developers in the audience with the low cost, small team appeal of bringing their mini-games, short form games and massively multiplayer online projects to Home, noting that Home virtual items, like clothing, sell "really well," but that usable virtual goods in games like MMO Sodium One sell "really, really well."


My experience with PS Home was like this:

1. Logged in, created Avatar. Ugly as fuck, zero style.

2. Wandered around, looking at the vast sea of advertising that has evidently swallowed the whole of Home's virtual planetoid.

3. Played lame minigames, reminded of Wii casual games sans fun factor.

4. Looked at virtual clothing for $.99 and up. Looked at virtual furniture for $.99 and up. Thought, "Hey, I'm not a girl, I don't wanna play dress-down-Dolly!"

5. Logged out. Never looked back.

Conclusion: Home is a lamer's paradise, fit for no one but the consumer whore who can't stop themselves from impulsively buying useless garbage.