PlayStation Hacker Geohot Settles with Sony Computer Entertainment America

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Hacker George "Geohot" Hotz, the man who Sony accused of cracking the PlayStation 3 security, has settled with Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). According to a statement issued by SCEA, Hotz has "consented to a permanent injunction" against the information published by Hotz.


While full details of the settlement are not yet available, it's hard to parse this as anything but a win for Hotz, who simply has to refrain from publishing information that is already broadly reproduced elsewhere on the internet. Sony, by not going to court, does not have to risk a protracted and ugly trial against a customer.

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Also in February: Sony asks its PS3 customers to refrain from hacking.
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In April: Anonymous attacks Sony sites in support of Geohot.


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