PlayStation Classic Fear Effect Gets A Modern Makeover

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Following last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign for Fear Effect Sedna, French studio Sushee’s next project is a complete remake of the 2000 original. Fear Effect Reinvented is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC next year.


The original Fear Effect is a 2000 PlayStation game by now-defunct Kronos Digital Entertainment, in which a trio of mercenaries in Hong Kong gets wrapped up in a bizarre adventure involving triads, demons and a trip through hell. It combines the fixed camera angles (and clunky controls) of Resident Evil with cel-shaded characters. The game’s backgrounds are full-motion video rather than pre-rendered 2D, resulting in a two and a half hour game spread across four discs.

Fear Effect Reinvented will maintain the fixed camera angles of the original, while giving the graphics a significant overhaul and tweaking the controls. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Fear Effect Reinvented, as with Fear Factor Sedna, is a product of the Square Enix Collective program, created to aid independent developers in fostering ideas, finding their audience, crowdfunding and publishing games.

That includes games based on defunct Eidos intellectual properties like Fear Effect, abandoned following the cancellation of a planned third game back in 2003. The second, Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, is infamous for its racy ad campaign, featuring two female character in suggestive poses with taglines like “These two ladies put the ass in assassin.”

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Michael Crider

Sticking with the fixed camera angles is an odd choice if they’re redoing pretty much everything anyway. That’s a bit of gaming history that we could let die without any ill effects - it’s like including a crank start in a new sports car as part of its “retro” appeal.