PlayStation Boss To Become Sony President?

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According to a report on Bloomberg, Sony is looking at taking the job of company president away from current CEO Sir Howard Stringer, with one of the possible candidates for that role being PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai.


While Stringer, who took the job as president in 2009 (having been with Sony since 1997) will retain his roles as CEO and chariman, it's believed installing fresh blood as his "deputy" will both make Stringer's job easier (by lightening the load) and give whoever's appointed a chance to show if they've got the right stuff for the top job when Stringer eventually moves on.

Two men have been named by Bloomberg as top candidates for the presidency: Kazuo Hirai and Hiroshi Yoshioka. Hirai, as boss of Sony's Networked Products & Service division, is well-known to gamers are being the head of the company's PlayStation unit. Yoshioka, meanwhile, is in charge of Sony's TVs and cameras.

UPDATE - A Sony Computer Entertainment representative tells Kotaku the Bloomberg report is "pure speculation".

Sony Said to Seek President as Possible Successor to Stringer [Bloomberg]



Man....I'll be honest, I like Stringer, and was pulling for him! Both him and Carlos Ghosn are kind of like my heroes...foreigners who were brought into Japan's stagnant corporate culture to help globalize them. As a foreigner in Japan with a salariman job, in my own little way, it was kind of like the glass ceiling for foreigners in corporate culture was broken.

I think Stringer would most certainly welcome his "load being lightened"....there was a great article in the New Yorker back in 2006 about Stringer taking the helm at Sony...and the absolute mind numbing schedule he was keeping!

But I think Hirai definitely "gets" the west and globalization...after all he was at the helm at SCEA when PS2 was smashing the world, and in many ways was responsible for bailing out the sinking ship that was the PS3 in its infancy. To say nothing of getting SCE to profitability so quickly...think of what he could do for Sony as a whole!