PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Revealed

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Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

While we’ve yet to get a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 itself, Sony has seen fit to tease us today with a first look at its controller.


In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hideaki Nishino unveiled the DualSense wireless controller, the company’s follow-up to the DualShock 4.

The DualSense iterates on its predecessors by introducing a new haptic feedback system, adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons, a built-in microphone array, and a new ‘Create’ button in place of the ‘Share’ button from the DualShock 4. Details on what exactly this ‘Create’ feature actually entails is still to come.

“In all, we went through several concepts and hundreds of mockups over the last few years before we settled on this final design,” Nishino wrote.DualSense has been tested by a wide range of gamers with a variety of hand sizes, in order for us to achieve the comfort level we wanted, with great ergonomics. Our goal with DualSense is to give gamers the feeling of being transported into the game world as soon as they open the box. We want gamers to feel like the controller is an extension of themselves when they’re playing – so much so that they forget that it’s even in their hands!”

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Gene Jacket

What I like/love:
*The dpad is identical to previous dualshocks, thank christ.
*The PS logo cutout as a button is brilliant
*Dedicated mute button.
*Textured thumbsticks, fucking finally.

What I don’t immediately like:
*The dual lightbars, which we goddamn well better to be able to fully disable.
*The even larger one used it on the DS4, we didn’t need to bring it back AND make it bigger.
*The overall form factor looks fine, but I’m not super happy about the front shell not being one piece. Unless those left and right side shells are customizable, I don’t see a reason to have a seam running through the middle of the grips.

It’s certainly different than the dualshock we’ve gotten used to over 20+ years, but I’ll hold off judgement until I feel it for myself.