Brace yourself because we've got a ton of deals today. Nothing fancy, just a laundry list of great discounts not only on PC, PS3, and 360, but on PS4, Xbox One, and Mac. The standout thing to grab is of course the Bioshock Triple Pack, but my personal recommendation goes to the Trine 2 Complete Story, Flower, Super Motherload Playstation 4 Bundle. Have at it.

20% off is about as good as it gets for iTunes cards. [OfficeMax via 9to5Toys]

$50 iTunes Gift Card | $40



Amazon digital have started their Black Friday/holiday deals, dig in.

Of particular note, all things EVE Online are also on rare sale.


Not going to copy/paste it all and double the length of the post, but everything Mac eligible in the PC section is noted as such.


The following bundles can be found here and include a bonus $10 PSN credit

  • Flower, Trine 2, Super Motherload Bundle | $38
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall + Season Pass | $80

The following games are available with a bonus $5 PSN credit

  • Shadow Fall
  • Shadow Fall Season Pass
  • Battlefield 4
  • Knack
  • Injustice Ultimate Edition
  • Black Flag Season Pass
  • LEGO Marvel


The following bundles can be found here and include a bonus $10 PSN credit, they are also available separately with $5 PSN credits if you already own part of the bundle.

  • The Last of Us w/ Season Pass | $78
  • Black Flag w/ Season Pass | $72
  • Arkham Origins w/ Season Pass | $77
  • Battlefield 4 w/ Premium | $103
  • Saints Row 4 w/ Season Pass | $58


Xbox One

The following games are available with a bonus $10 Microsoft credit

Xbox 360

Wii U





Here's Amazon's list of upcoming movie and TV deals, bookmark it if you're in the market for anything.




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