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PlayStation 3 Slim Packs On 40GBs [Update]

Illustration for article titled PlayStation 3 Slim Packs On 40GBs [Update]

The cheapest version of Sony's thinner PlayStation 3 is now 40GB fatter in North America, a "just announced" improvement now shipping from retailer GameStop. The better news is that it's still $299 USD.


GameStop is carrying the upgraded version of the console now, seemingly a replacement for the base 120GB model that has been on offer in North America. Sony has a press conference scheduled for Tuesday at Gamescom. So don't be surprised if a few more things are "just announced" soon.

Update: Looks like GameStop has yoinked the listing for that newish model of the PS3. Perhaps that announcement wasn't ready for prime time.


Sony PlayStation 3 160GB [GameStop - thanks, Josh!]

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Hmm. A lot of people asking why someone would need all that space.

Me personally: installs, patches, expansion packs for things like fallout 3 are ridiculous in size, Rock Band songs(if youre an avid fan, this is a big part of your HDD), game downloads including full games like Burnout Paradise and Wipeout HD, even stuff like FF9 takes almost 2 GB because it's multiple disks, music to play while playing games like Wipeout HD, movies to watch so I dont have to get my ass off my seat for a while, and lastly, themes and photographs I use for backgrounds. Those things add up slowly but surely. Its never really enough, at least not for me.