On Feb. 25, a fire broke out in a Las Vegas condo. In it, the body of James Lacella, 48, was discovered. According to investigators, Lacella had been dead for days prior with a bullet in his head. The fire was apparently a cover-up.

ABC Las Vegas affiliate KTNV reported that police were able to trace Lacella's missing PlayStation 3 to a pawnshop. The seller was 42 year-old Patrick Wilcock (pictured), who was supposedly Lacella's best friend.


Police arrested Wilcock at his family's home. However, he did not confess and when authorities asked him about the .25 caliber handgun in his possession. Wilcock said that his grandmother gave it to him so he could put an injured dog out of its misery. Lacella was murdered by a .25 caliber.

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Playstation 3 connects suspect to body found in charred condo [KTNV]

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