PlayStation 3 160GB Model Coming To Europe

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Sony will be bringing one more SKU to the PlayStation 3 family this Fall, doubling the storage of the soon to be offered 80GB model. While the functionality of the console remains the same, the hard drive size will be doubled when the 160GB model ships out to European gamers on October 31. Price? Just 499 Euro, with 70 Euro worth of downloadable content out of the box.


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@Numanoid:If you don't see the big fuss, then it's pointless trying to explain it to you, but here we go.

1-From a retailer stand point, it's a lot easier to sell a PS3 when you can explain all of it's features to a customer, one of them being PSone and PS2 BC. For a lot of folks, PS2 BC would be a huge selling point and as the PS2 game library is so huge as to be silly, to remove the chance to play it on your newer system is just..stupid. Sony needs all the help it can get in order to expand it's marketshare and telling possible PS2 owners to "Just keep your PS2" when they are looking at upgrading = Really stupid.

2-From a system owner standpoint, some people like to keep the current gen around and be able to safely box up/sell older systems, yet still be able to play last gen games. With two out of the three current systems running very hot, you need all the room you can get on your table or entertainment center. Some of us have pretty large PS2 game libraries and might already have one, if two out of three of the current home consoles, so telling us "Just keep your PS2" =Again stupid.

3-Not seeing the fuss when both launch PS2's had full BC, more or less, now having had it removed for reasons still not clear, other then "We want to lose less money" or "We want people to keep buying PS2." = Shortsighted.

@robinandtami:Removing BC, allowing it's marketshare to become seeded by countless non BC able units and then re-releasing new PS3's with BC would be the worst thing Sony could possibly do, ever. If the feature's out, it needs to stay out or be offered via download, which would be very sketchy and more trouble then it's worth.

@SG79:I'm starting to think Sony's plan to sell PS2 games via DLC may very well be the biggest reasoning for yanking BC. However it's being done fairly hackeyed, unless they really need all of this time to re-code PS2 titles to run on the PS3 chipset.