The folks at Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry hooked up Street Fighter V and its predecessor to the same game controller and started playing. The sync is mesmerizing at first, but then it all starts to fall apart.

As explained in the Eurogamer article, Digital Foundry’s “dual wielding” system of controller syncing only goes so far while testing other games on multiple systems. AI behaves different, obstacles change and it’s not really easy to get the achieve the synchronicity they’re looking for.


It’s much easier in Street Fighter IV and V. The backgrounds change and the graphics are different, but for Ryu and Ken at least the moves and timing are pretty much the same.

Beyond Ryu and Ken however, things go a bit off. Many of the returning characters have changed significantly between game interactions. Sometimes just the move animations are different, giving the same result with different visuals. Other times the same inputs do completely different things.

The overall result is a lovely demonstration of the way things have changed or stayed the same in Street Fighter V.

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