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Playing Destiny 2 Without Reading The Lore vs Reading It

Illustration for article titled Playing iDestiny 2/i Without Reading The Lore vs Reading It em/em

Destiny’s lore, famously, is housed in things like gun descriptions and collectibles. How does this affect the way we interact with and understand the game?


In my case, I accidentally ended up joining a faction that is basically space Trump. Whoops. In the latest episode of the Favecast, Gita Jackson and I discuss what it’s like to play Destiny 2 without reading any of the lore, versus devouring it to answer one important question: does Cayde fuck or nah?

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Is there anyone who’s played Dark Souls and Destiny? It seems like their lore is given out on similar ways, but Dark Souls is praised for it. Any idea what makes Dark Souls more successful in that attempt?