Players Turned A GTA Online Glitch Into A Deadly Game

Players find new ways to create chaos in Grand Theft Auto all the time—and glitches can definitely be a part of that. Take, for example, this weird grenade launcher glitch in GTA Online.


Turns out, if you punch a car while holding a grenade launcher, it will explode in a random number of hits. Folks like VanossGaming decided to re-purpose this explosive glitch and use it to play their own version of Russian Roulette. They call it Car Roulette, and it's pretty amusing to watch. So much tension!

There are some variations of this game which doesn't use a glitch, too. Players have also fitted cars with explosives, and then they take turns picking cars to see which one will explode, as you can see in this video by Ashlynn Arias:

GTA 5 Online: Car Roulette (Grenade Launcher Glitch Mini Game) [VanossGaming]

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