Pokémon Bank, the service that allows players to transfer monsters between titles, is now live for Pokémon Sun and Moon. It was only a matter of time before people tested out if Pokémon’s most infamous glitch could be imported into the service, and thus, the latest games.

Last year, Pokémon Red and Blue were released for the 3DS Virtual Console, and they retained all of the the glitches from the original release—including the error monster known as Missingno. As veteran fans know, Missingno is a bug that acts like a Pokémon, except the graphics and battle functions are messed up. Since Pokémon Bank can interface between Red and Blue and Sun and Moon, some brave players tried testing out if they could use the online service to transfer a Missingno into Pokémon Sun and Moon, as you can see below in the video by Verlisify:

It won’t work—Bank tells you that your “problematic Pokémon” can’t be transferred. HOWEVER, trying to do this at all will mess with your game—players are reporting that monsters that do make it through the transfer will all have glitched names that no longer refer to what they were originally called:


Really, it’s only appropriate that Missingno causes an entirely new glitch in 2017, and it’s not like a nickname change is a big deal. That said, fans are finding all sorts of other Pokémon Bank quirks. Players are also reporting randomized genders (which makes sense), inaccurate shiny retention, move wonkiness, wrong IVs and natures, all hailing from recent botched transfers into Bank. It sounds messy, so it might be worth waiting to see if Game Freak fixes these issues before shifting monsters into Sun and Moon, even if you’re not planning on importing a Missingno. We reached out to The Pokémon Company to inquire if there’s a patch coming to address these issues, and will update this post if we hear back.

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