Players Spent Over Two Years Trying To Push Halo Reach AI To Its Limit

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In 2011, hardcore fans started a video series chronicling tricks and glitches possible during the Halo: Reach campaign. Today, that series draws to a close with a new, over-the-top conclusion that tests how far Halo’s artificial intelligence can go.


“The tricks in this video cumulatively took over 150+ hours to complete,” Termacious Trickocity, the group behind the stunt, says in the YouTube description. “This project has been in the works since the unification of Terminal Velocity and Tenacious Tricking, over two years now, and we are all beyond proud to present this incredible journey of hard work, insurmountable dedication, endless memories, and the conclusion of the Meta Stability series.”

You can watch that here:

The 10 minute video took over 150 hours to create, and it’s chock full of awesome things. My favorite moments include ones where Termacious Trickosity forces NPCs to do trick jumps, or pushes enemies into places they definitely shouldn’t exist, all in the name of achieving elaborate feats.

Aaron Sekela, one of the members of Termacious Tricosity, says the group is particularly proud of the final trick in the video, which starts at the 7:29 mark. “ We managed to figure out how to drive the flying vehicle the ‘Falcon’ and manipulate the AI spawn so we could fly them to the highest point in the map, that being the Frigate,” Sekala explained over email.

“Our hardest trick though would probably be the ‘Exodus Marine Collection,’ Sekala said. That’s the trick that starts around the 5:48 mark and ends at the 6:29 mark. “We were in that game for 7 hours,” Sekala said. “Getting the marines to cooperate was extremely annoying, we had to make sure they didn’t get killed by enemies or being launched over the river. Once over the river we need to drive 10 minute to get the marines, to the top of a huge mountain. We had to go back and forth about 4 or 5 times. Lack of check points didn’t help either.”


Some more highlights, in GIF form:


Previously, these very same players spent five years trying to get into an empty Halo: Reach room. Talk about dedication!



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