Surprise, surprise. Unlike last year’s 10th anniversary, we won’t get nostalgia raids or battlegrounds, but that doesn’t mean World of Warcraft players have to go through this year’s anniversary empty handed.


While last year was an exception, anniversary gifts are usually small and only give you an achievement and some fun-looking pet or toy. This time there’s more. The box you find inside the mailbox contains a bind-on-account cosmetic version of the legendary blade Thunderfury with 5 charges, a costume set of the good old Deadmines boss Edwin VanCleef with 50 charges (see both above), wands with Murloc and Gnoll disguises (also with 5 charges each) and a 11% experience boost. That’s pretty useful if you haven’t unlocked Draenor flying yet.

Too bad they all have charges but since these are bind-on-account, you can always create or log into alts for more items.

The anniversary event runs from November 16th through November 30th, so it’s worth checking in for all these unexpected goodies.


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