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Players Dig Their Own Goal In Rocket League's Dropshot Mode

Illustration for article titled Players Dig Their Own Goal In iRocket League/is Dropshot Mode

Arriving alongside the launch of competitive season four on March 22, Rocket League’s free new Dropshot mode sees players smashing open the ground underneath their opponents in order to score.


Dropshot takes place in a hexagonal arena called Core 707, which doesn’t feature any traditional goalposts. Using an electrified ball that grows stronger as it’s hit and dribbled, players attempt to bust open the floor on their opponents’ side, scoring when the ball falls in. Once a goal is scored the floor resets.

You can read more about Dropshot over at the official website. Sounds like a hell of a thing to while I’m not participating in competitive season four.

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Platypus Man

Looks very interesting and intense, but also that it might (to me at least) have the same problem as the basketball mode - getting the ball where you want it requires aerial skills that the regular soccer-based modes don’t, so I (and many players) aren’t really good enough for it to be more than luck.

Also, I can’t tell from the video - what happens when you drive over these holes? Does the car just drive over them like nothing’s different or do you die and respawn?