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Players Come Up With Own Ghost Recon Competitive Modes While Waiting For PVP

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As the community anxiously awaits the post-launch PVP mode, some Ghost Recon: Wildlands players are getting crafty with their own in-game challenges.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands launched on March 7th, and the final paid DLC, “Fallen Ghosts” arrived on May 30th. Since then, no details have been shared by Ubisoft regarding a free tactical PVP mode that was promised as post-launch content.


Ghost Recon does offer some ways to keep players entertained, but the wait for PVP has proven maddening for some fans. While some players are taking their frustrations out on social media outlets, other are teaming up with their friends to find their own unique ways to compete within Wildlands.

SXVXN and friends use use with helicopters, nitro monster tricks, and other vehicles to make their own fun. As an example: a player-specified “PVP” race where SXVXN and company fly under as many bridges as possible. The mode might not be official, but SXVXN have a blast anyway.

As a viewer, you don’t even notice the game’s painful banter, because you’re too busy laughing at an absurd helicopter death, or watching a boat go up in flames. Vehicle shenanigans make for some of the best moments in the game, so if you’re bored and out of missions to do, grab some friends to attempt SXVXN’s dirt bike or helicopter challenges.


Wildlands was MIA at E3, which frustrated some players expecting to see some related news. When we asked Ubisoft what the deal was, we were told the conference focused on new projects such as Skull and Bones, and no dates or details were available for Wildlands PVP. PVP mode is coming, we just don’t know when.

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