Players Are Using The Wasteland Workshop DLC To Murder Fallout 4's Most Hated Character

Marcy Long is a standoffish asshole who immediately tells the player how much he or she sucks. This probably explains why all the top Google results for her name are some variation of “fuck Marcy Long” or “what the fuck is up with Marcy, man?” And now, with the release of Fallout 4's new DLC, some players are trying to get payback against her.

As you probably already know, Wasteland Workshop lets players A) capture monsters and B) build arenas, along with other settlement constructions. You can see where this is going, yeah?


Players have wasted no time in building monuments dedicated to their Marcy Long hate:

Image credit: Fjoergyn_D

Some took it a step further, building a special arena for Marcy to die in:

Image credit: liquidDinner

Marcy has been forced to enter fights to the death against her friends, too. Fallout 4 player DiscoGnome for example started an entire series dedicated to “Marcyfights.” Here you can watch her go toe to toe with Preston in a good, old-fashioned boxing match:

Other players, like Norovo, have even built creature death traps for Marcy Long. Here for example you can watch her get mauled by ghouls:

But the most popular way for Marcy Long to die is definitely against Deathclaws, as you can see in these videos by PoeticWhisper and TheGrifReaper:

Poor Marcy.

Oh, who I am kidding. Maybe Marcy deserves it.


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