Players Are Recreating The Entirety of GTA V In Minecraft

Los Santos has never looked so...blocky.

What you’re looking at above is the creation of N11cK and friends, who have endeavored to created the latest ridiculous Minecraft construction: a 1:1 scale recreation of GTA V inside of Minecraft. Damn.


The map is still a work-in-progress, and they estimate it will be 7,500 by 7,500 blocks at the end. You can watch them build it bit by bit over at N11cK’s YouTube channel, which regularly posts video updates on the project.



This comment section took quite a turn. On a website dedicated to reading about stuff we like, basically none of it vital to our survival, who would have thought the group would attack its usefulness? Then turn towards the pedantic silliness of debating what is or isn’t a waste of time?

It’s minecraft. It’s what they do. They build stuff. Then they try and build other stuff. I don’t “get” dark souls games or most fps online shooter games. It’s not my thing. But who am I to insult those who do? Enjoy your games. They are aptly named.