Fans Are 'Fixing' The New Doom's Colors, Speed

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The new Doom looks like a cartoonishly over-the-top romp through gore hell, land of infinite sorrow (and gore). But I don’t know. It kinda feels like something’s missing.


Some players have taken to imagining what the long-in-development Doom reboot would be like if it stuck a little closer to its roots. Linkzaki sped it up to an old-school-friendly ludicrous pace and dropped in some recognizable sound effects. Have to admit, I’m kind of into it:

Meanwhile, people like developer Nathan Ranney have tried giving it visual makeover, adding in a few more colors of the gray-nbow:

Again, I can’t help but kind of dig it. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for classic series going in new directions, but I miss old-school Doom’s relentless pace and sinister, slithering atmosphere. It sounds like a lot of fans feel the same way. Oh well, I suppose there’s always Doom 4’s obvious inspiration, Brutal Doom, which is basically Doom 4, except Doomier.

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Luke Plunkett

I’d rather have seen this.