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An Up-Close, Ultra-Violent Look At The New Doom

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tonight at Bethesda’s pre-E3 press conference, we got our first extended (extremely violent!) look at the new Doom, which will be out in Spring of 2016.

First, we got a lengthy look at a single player battle in the game, which combines the fast-paced ultraviolence of old-school Doom with some ridiculous slow-mo kill animations:

Next, Bethesda showed off a quick sizzle reel from the game’s included multiplayer:

...before showing off a new tool that will let players make and instantly share their own custom maps and game modes:

To cap things off, we got another video from the singleplayer game, this time set in the bowels of Hell:

The game is coming in spring 2016 to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Here’s a trailer:

And here, enjoy some gifs:


Update: In a post-showcase interview, Id Software exec producer Marty Stratton said that the first part shown from the next Doom was from the second level of the game and Hell level was from about halfway through. Doom is about “speed, awesome guns and killing demons,” Stratton said.

Stratton mentioned a double-jump mechanic and says that mantling over objects is fast. When talking about the style of play, he characterized it as push-forward combat. There’s no cover and little backpedaling “We didn’t want the player to feel on their heels at all.”


When asked, the executive producer answered that Id is aiming at 1080p 60 FPS for Doom and players will be able to carry all weapons with you. You also get health from killing enemies, so if you’re low on health, kill more enemies. Those gruesome finishing move animations seen in tonight’s footage are contextual and get triggered based on where the player is looking.

Players will be able to play as “one of a few different demons” in multiplayer by picking up a special rune and the SnapMaps system will support the creation of single-player, co-op and multiplayer scenarios.