Players Are Already Doing Crazy Things In Diablo III's Season 5

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Only a few days have passed since Season 5 started (as part of patch 2.4) in Diablo III’s PC version, and some players are already grinding on difficulty levels that most of us will never reach.


Season 5 will last three months and it’s enough time for an average player to level up a character to 70, gain a few more (or few hundred) Paragon levels, maybe even get to Torment X. But these guys are already beyond all that. They are already clearing insanely high level Greater Rifts. These are end-game dungeons where you have to reach and kill a boss in 15 minutes. If you’re fast enough you can progress and try a harder level. A level 20 Greater rift shouldn’t be a big deal. A level 45? Not if you have a well thought-out build. Level 80? Now that’s crazy!

Here’s Alkaizer rushing through a level 82 Greater Rift with his Crusader.

Lots of Crusaders this season, but here’s Quin, a powerful Wizard, clearing a level 80 Greater Rift. And a Rift boss with almost 9 trillion HP? Suuuureee.

These are difficulty levels where even the best geared ones can only progress when everything is perfect: when the rift layout’s favorable (large open spaces instead of a labyrinth of narrow routes), it’s filled with easier monster types and monster density is satisfying.

And it’s interesting to see that only Crusaders, Wizards and maybe Barbarians have viable builds to do these challenges. Not a single Demon Hunter, Monk or Witch Doctor among the top players.

Top pic: Fan-art by Vablo

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