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Player-Created Cemetery Honors Fallen EVE Online Friends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not everything in EVE Online is dedicated to death, destruction and betrayal. A few landmarks are dedicated to calm, quiet reflection.

There’s the boneyard of B-R5BR, where permanent wrecks of destroyed Titans drift through space, placed there by CCP Games to commemorate the largest video game battle in history. And the EVE Gate, an enormous unstable wormhole which, according to legend, brought life to the galaxy all the way from Earth long, long ago. But ass with all things related to EVE, perhaps the most interesting of these quiet places was created by the players: the Capsuleer Cemetery of Molea.


The cemetery hosts the mausoleums of over 900 EVE Online players, anchored in space beside one another, forever orbiting a moon near the second planet in the Molea system. This lichyard started out as a player-made extension of the game’s lore, storing player corpses left behind on battlefields. Over time, players began to anchor memorials for real-life friends and family that passed, placing a monument in space that would last until the EVE servers went dark.


Over time the gravestones would draw the attention of griefers and pirates who sought to disrupt the sanctum and burn it to the ground. The caretakers of the Cemetery fought the pirates off, protecting the bodies left in their charge by erecting a starbase amidst the floating tombs, complete with a compliment of high-powered guns to stave off would be attackers. Sadly, the caretakers failed, and the pirates destroyed over seven hundred mausoleums, scattering their contents to the stars.

The project’s curator, who goes by the handle Azia Burgi, did not let this setback stop her. The starbase was rebuilt at a more secure location, and what corpses were not destroyed were re-interred in their new, hopefully final, resting places. Rumors have circulated about the cemetery on Reddit lately, saying that the area has been given special rules by CCP Games which permit the containers floating in space from decaying over time. Most such containers disappear after 30 days, but the ones inside the cemetery zone seem immune to this.

The cemetery is receiving a massive surge of popularity lately after a popular Reddit post. This has attracted new visitors to the site—some wishing to take in the peace and majesty, some wishing to erect monuments to fallen friends, and probably some looking to destroy the monument just because they can. Hopefully the EVE community can let this one piece of peace and serenity exist in their sandbox, but only time will tell.