Don't worry, this isn't (very) NSFW. We're here for laughs, not leers.

The clip above is an edited version of a film (remixed by DeeprUnderstanding) originally directed executive produced by Hugh Hefner himself, back when he was just an old guy who was out of touch, and not the shambling ghost of the 1960s he is today.


It speaks directly to a growing fetish of mine: indulging in the hilarious ways the 1990s thought the internet worked, or someday would work.


You'd think a business that's one stop short of porn would have seen what was coming, but no. For one, I'm sad to report, 1990s Hugh, that he word "cyberspunk" isn't really a thing. Nor is the internet a "renaissance of the written word", where playmates both write music and strip down on their office floor.

Then again, what are the chances of seeing somebody from the mid-90s say, on film, "I truly believe that in the 21st century the internet will be dominated by cats, animated .gif files and amateur pornography"?


Girls of the Internet [DeeprUnderstanding, via Laughing Squid]

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