So you think you're a pretty good Magic: The Gathering player, but are you good enough to take on the creator of the game in Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers?

The newly released Xbox Live Arcade title is getting not one but two special play sessions this month, starting with a Game with Fame session on June 20th, which allows players to go up against some of Magic's top pro players, along with the game's creator himself, Richard Garfield. Garfield will be joined by Magic Pro Tour Hall of Famers Mike Turian and John Finkel, along with pro tour players Gerry Thompson, Gerry Parke, and Brian Kibler. Daunting opponents indeed, but considering the game's deck structure you might just having a fighting chance.


If you're looking for a little less of a challenge, employees from Wizards of the Coast, VMC, Stainless Games, and Microsoft will be taking on all comers during the Game with Developers session a week later on the 27th.

Details for both sessions should be appearing soon at the official Game with Fame and Game with Developers websites. Being terrified of live competition myself, I will be busy playing single player, where it's safe.

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