Play World Of Warcraft With Your...Feet

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Despite the fact it's played by millions of normal people around the globe, World of Warcraft players still get a bad rap sometimes. Peripherals like this don't help.


It's the official World of Warcraft "Tap Chat", which is a one-button pedal. Which you can use to play World of Warcraft. Tap to chat! Tap to perform macro actions! Tap so you can grind and eat a microwaved bowl of mac & cheese at the same time!

Such laziness comes at a cost, with the Sound Blaster peripheral coming in at $30. Then again, what price hands-free grinding?



Useful? Yes.

$30 useful? Maybe not.

Though I can't really imagine something like this going for less than $20. For $10 though, I'd buy two.

It's a input that you can operate independently of your hands. Assuming there aren't any silly restrictions on the device's functionality (that can't be worked around), the possibilities are endless. You could set it up to switch between the windows on your desktop, or scroll down webpages, or flip pages when reading manga or e-books on a computer. And like Luke points out, it means that you can do these things while eating, or doing other things with your hands....

So yeah, this goes down as pretty cool in my book. Any know of similar products that don't cost $30?