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Play Way More Than 18 Holes With The Raunchy Tiger Woods' Affair Tour

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The face of EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour series is now the unwilling subject of another video game, the adults-only, sexually explicit screw 'em up Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010.

D-Dub Software, makers of the free-roaming sexual, drug-charged Bonetown, have struck while the iron is room temperature, turning Woods' extramarital dalliances into a video game. Well, to call it a video game might be overly generous, as Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010 appears to be little more than playable publicity for Bonetown, starring an oversexed red shirted avatar that bears only the loosest resemblance to Woods.


According to the game's host, the PC game lets you "Play as Tiger Woods and bang pornstars and cocktail waitresses, or just take out some aggression with a golf club on security guards!" Unfortunately, the most illustrative screen shots of Tiger giving and receiving are not Kotaku front page appropriate.


Like the gameplay of Bonetown, Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010 appears to involve taking all manner of illicit substances, boning cartoonish avatars and occasionally wielding a golf club with which to whack The Man. Polygonal penetration and nudity, perfect for the easily excited, abounds.

Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010 is available as a free download from sponsors Ebaum Nation, should you be willing to take the risk to download the thing. Have I mentioned that it's incredibly not safe for work?

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