Play Super Street Fighter IV Before Us

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Capcom is putting community first (and Crecente last, where he belongs) this week. Our editor-in-chief was able to only gawk at Super Street Fighter IV in New York today. But you could play it here later this week.

You'll need to be a Capcom Unity member to attend. And you'll need to RSVP. And maybe you'll need to win a real street fight, too. I'm not sure.


Details are on Capcom's official blog.

Play the games. Crecente and I might attend too, but we're not 100% sure.

NYC Capcom Fight Club: Sign Up Now!

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super street fighter 4? seriously.

this is why i never bought street fighter 4. the franchise has proven long ago that it will just spit out slightly different versions and call it a new game. #superstreetfighteriv