Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now download a demo for Guitar Hero: Van Halen featuring three four songs, one two of which are actually by Van Halen!

I suppose Activision is trying to show the range of the Guitar Hero: Van Halen product to those of us who didn't already get it for free via the promotion in Guitar Hero 5. A promotion I completely forgot to redeem, mind you, so now I am getting my first taste via this demo. Van Halen's "Panama" is joined by Weezer's "Dope Nose" and Killswitch Engage's "The End of Heartache," making the Guitar Hero: Van Halen demo a little light on the Van Halen.


Still, it's "Panama," and if Gran Turismo 4 taught me anything, it was that "Panama" never gets old.


Update: Make that four songs. I checked out the demo with the mic only, and instrumental "Eruption" isn't available on that playlist.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen should be out in time for Christmas Eve.

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