Activision Practically Giving Away Guitar Hero Van Halen

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Wait, scratch that. Activision is giving away Guitar Hero Van Halen. For free. Sorry, "free," as you'll need to buy a copy of Guitar Hero 5 to get the Van Halen-themed edition of the guitar game at no additional cost.


In what is either an early shot at MTV Games' upcoming Rock Band offerings or a potential warning sign for Guitar Hero Van Halen's sales, Activision is handing out copies of the game to early buyers of Guitar Hero 5.

Details on what you'll need to do to get a free copy of Guitar Hero Van Halen are best read at the official offer page, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of a catch. Simply pre-order Guitar Hero 5 (or buy it during the month of September) and ask for your copy of Guitar Hero Van Halen.

I guess when you're releasing over two dozen Hero SKUs a year, these kinds of things can still make fiscal sense. Especially when you're releasing one of those games a mere three days before Christmas. A good deal, if you like Guitar Hero, but don't be surprised if you can get Guitar Hero Van Halen in the spring time for a cool tenner.

Guitar Hero Van Halen Offer


Faux Bravo

I'm not trolling here. Was there really enough interest in Van Halen for them to get their own Guitar Hero? Aren't there a million other bands that people would probably rather have in a game?

I'm sure I know some songs and I just don't know that I know them, but I can't even think of a single Van Halen song. I'm not THAT young (25).