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Play Minecraft On Your Fridge

And I don't mean on one of those fancy fridges with the computer screens on them. I mean play PC indie smash hit Minecraft on a normal, everyday refrigerator, with this handy magnet set.

At just $10 for 64 tiles, it's a steal for those who feel the need to mine the crap out of things when they're away from the computer as well as on it.

The 64 tiles break down as follows:

18x stone
8x sand
8x dirt
7x leaves
6x grass
4x coal
2x water
2x clay
2x iron ore
2x tree trunk
1x diamond ore
1x red stone
1x mossy cobblestone
1x lava
1x gold


That's more than enough to create your own little world, especially if your fridge is showing a little too much bare white flesh. Those who need more materials, though, know that creator kongscut is planning on releasing more sets so that "eventually every tile will be able to be purchased".

Can we get some pigs and creepers next round too?

64 Minecraft Magnet Set 1 - Environment [Etsy]

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